Why Renting A Dumpster Is Usually Better Than Hauling Trash To The Dump Yourself

25 June 2019
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If you plan to clean out the clutter in your garage, you may wonder if you should book a rental dumpster or plan on taking the trash to the dump yourself. If you don't have your own truck, you really don't have much choice. Even if you do have a truck, you may find that renting a dumpster is still a good idea. Here's why.

Using A Dumpster Is More Convenient

Throwing trash in a dumpster sitting in your driveway is much more convenient than using your truck. For one thing, you can open the back gate to a dumpster and walk the trash inside. You'll have to lift everything to get it in your truck, which might be difficult with heavy things like an old refrigerator. Another reason a dumpster rental is more convenient is that it will collect trash for a few days until you're ready to have it hauled away. You may not be able to load up your truck and let it sit in the driveway if you need to use the truck to go to the store or to work. That means you may need to stack the trash in the yard until you're ready to haul it away in your truck.

A Dumpster Rental Often Has A Flat Rate

When you rent a dumpster, you usually know upfront how much you'll have to pay. If you don't follow the rules, extra fees might be added for throwing in things not allowed or for overfilling the dumpster, but as long as you follow instructions, then you can work the rental cost into your budget. You have to pay every time you haul something to the dump. You can call and find out how much you have to pay based on weight, but the information doesn't do much good since you don't really know how much your trash weighs. You may get a shock when the dump weighs your truck and charges you a lot of money to dump your trash. Plus, there could be added fees for things like mattresses and refrigerators.

Making Trips To The Dump Can Slow You Down

If you have a limited time to get your garage cleaned out, such as over the weekend, you don't want to waste time taking trips to the dump. You'll probably need multiple trips, and if the dump is several miles away, that could eat into your cleaning time. Plus, the dump may not even be open on Sundays, and it may have limited hours on Saturday. When you have a rental dumpster in your yard, you don't have to stop work to empty it since you can fill it all day until you're finished or until the dumpster is full, then the company will pick it up at the scheduled time.

As long as you have a flat and accessible place to park the dumpster, it is probably worth the expense to rent one when you need to get rid of a lot of clutter. Having a dumpster helps the work go faster and makes getting rid of trash more convenient. To learn more, contact a company like Tiger Sanitation LLC today.