Spring Cleaning Time! Four Areas Of Your Home That Need Immediate Attention

24 April 2018
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Some people hail the coming of spring by firing up the grill and basking in the sunlight on an outdoor lounge chair by the pool. Not you. You want to jump into spring cleaning and purge some areas of your home that, over the long winter, became an obvious nuisance. Here are four areas of your house that (probably!) need immediate attention, and how you can make the process go faster so you, too, can lounge by the pool.

Garage Clean Out

The garage is like your home's oubliette; it is where you banish things you want to forget you have until you are forced to do something with these objects. Unfortunately, handling extra stuff in the house tends to make your garage overflow with stuff that needs to go somewhere else!

The best way to handle this situation is to get a mobile storage unit and a dumpster, and jump right into the mess. Put the things you want to keep and store in the mobile storage unit. Put the stuff you really want to toss and/or let go of into the dumpster. The dumpster is collected by the dumpster rental company after your garage clean-out is complete and is emptied on your behalf. The mobile storage unit is locked with your padlock, picked up, and placed in a warehouse far out of your sight. 

Airing the Attic

The attic is often almost as bad as the garage. There is tons of stuff up there, and you often forget what you have until you have an infestation of bugs and the bug guy/gal has to spray the attic. Hopefully, it never gets that far for you because most of the things that draw cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, and the like end up completely destroyed by these munching bugs. If you are consistent with clearing the attic and providing more solid storage containers with lids, the bugs will not eat your stuff or chew holes in it. Plus, it is a good way to really organize and label things so you do know exactly what you have in the attic.

Baring the Basement

If your basement was not already a horrifying nightmare of moisture and wet floors, you probably have a lot of boxes and whatnot stored down there. Sadly, anything you store in a basement is likely to be destroyed by the bugs that follow the water or the spiders that follow those bugs into your home. Unless it is made of glass or an artificial material that is of no interest to bugs, baring your basement to the floor during spring cleaning is a good idea.

This helps you clean off items you want to keep and eradicate bugs from your home that took up residence on or in the boxes you had in the basement. Watch for spider egg sacs, mold, mildew, and anything that wiggles or moves quickly. You will want to destroy these before you move your stuff into storage offsite or into another area of your home for storage.

Clearing Deep Closets

If you have some closets in your home that are more for storage than for hanging up the clothes you regularly wear, spring cleaning time is the perfect time to get in there and really clean things up. You would be surprised how often things tip over, dump, leak, or fall down in deep closets. Then you have all of this stuff that needs to be cleaned up, reboxed, hung back up, etc.

If you have carpet in these closets, clean it and vacuum it. If you have wood flooring or linoleum/vinyl, sweep and wash it. At any point in time, if you feel that your spring cleaning is overwhelming you, there are plenty of garbage removal and home clean out services that can assist you for a fee.