3 Factors That Will Affect The Cost Of Your Dumpster Rental

25 January 2018
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If you need to rent a dumpster for a project, you need to be aware of all the different factors that will impact the overall cost of your rental.

#1 Delivery Location

One of the most important factors that will impact the overall cost of your dumpster rental is the location where you need to have the dumpster delivered to. If the dumpster delivery location is within the bounds of the garbage companies regular service area, you may not face a delivery charge at all or you may just face a standard delivery charge.

However, if the location where you need the dumpster delivered is outside of the garbage company's regular service area, you may be charged a flat extra fee for the delivery or you may be charged a per-mile based fee for the delivery and pick-up of the dumpster.

#2 Set-Up

If the garbage company can just roll up and deliver the dumpster, it is going to cost you less money than if the garbage company has to engage in some degree of set-up. For example, if the location is slightly sloped, the garbage company will have to put the brakes on the dumpster and perhaps use 4x4 to stabilize the dumpster and ensure that it doesn't roll. If any set-up efforts are required on the end of the dumpster company, expect to pay more for these types of services.

#3 Size of Dumpster

Third, the size of the dumpster is going to impact the cost as well. A smaller dumpster is generally going to cost you less to rent than a larger dumpster. However, it is usually better to rent one large dumpster over two separate small dumpsters that you have to have picked up and removed because you have so much debris. That is why it is so important to accurately estimate how much space you need when renting a dumpster.

Some dumpster companies charge you based on how much weight you put in the dumpster instead of a flat-fee for each size of dumpster. In that case, it is better to go with a bigger dumpster to ensure that you have the space you need since you will be charged by weight. Using one big dumpster will eliminate additional delivery and pick-up charges when you are just charged by the weight for the dumpster anyway.

When renting a dumpster, the three primary factors that impact the up-front cost of renting a dumpster include the delivery location, necessary set-up time, and the size of dumpster and amount of waste that you put in the dumpster. 

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