Tips For Business Leaders Considering Starting Company Recycling Programs

24 January 2018
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Mitigating the environmental damage that your business causes can start with making sure that you are disposing of your trash in the most efficient manner possible. This will likely include the use of garbage removal and recycling services to reduce the amount of trash that you are sending to the landfill. While recycling can be a worthwhile option for your enterprise, there are several tips that can help you with starting your company's recycling program.

Appreciate That You May Not Need To Divide Your Recyclables

There is a common concern that individuals will have to divide their recycling into plastic, papers and other categories. Not surprisingly, this can make recycling somewhat more difficult than is necessary. Also, you may need to provide numerous garbage bins for sorting these materials, which can take up a lot of space in a small or medium-sized building. If you are wanting to avoid these inconveniences of recycling, you can opt for a single-stream service. This service is designed to be able to separate the various recyclables for their clients. By taking advantage of this type of service, you will simply need a designated garbage bin for the recyclables.

Clearly List What Is Acceptable To Be Recycled

There are some materials that may seem like they should be recycled but that are incompatible with these services. While the exact banned materials will vary from one provider to another, they will likely provide you with a list when they first start serving your enterprise. You should make sure that this list is posted near the recycling bins, and you may also want to review this list with your staff to further reduce the risk of mix-ups happening. Furthermore, you may want to institute disciplinary policies for individuals caught intentionally violating these limitations as they may undermine the entire program while also exposing you to the risk of being fined by the recycling service you use.

Document Any Costs From This Program

There will be some investment that is needed to allow your business to start recycling. These expenses will be fairly low, but they can still be discouraging to small business owners as they may assume they lack the capital for this project. Luckily, you may be able to take advantage of tax incentives with your state or at the federal level that are designed to encourage sustainability programs for businesses. By documenting all of the expenses that were incurred through forming your company's recycling program, you may be able to have this reimbursed to the company in the form of tax credits.