3 Top Tips For Decluttering Your Home

24 January 2018
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Do you have a house that's full of stuff that you never seem to use anymore? Have you been thinking about doing a major spring cleaning but you aren't sure where to begin? Many people have homes that are cluttered, but not necessarily messy. When your home is in this state, finding a good place to put anything can be a challenge. A good decluttering and spring cleaning can work wonders at making your home feel larger and less crowded. Some things that you should consider doing to accomplish this goal include:

Keep, donate, sell: Get several large containers, preferably plastic totes due to their sturdiness, and put these labels on them. Going through your house one room at a time, sort all of the objects into these containers as you go. Depending on how much stuff you have, you may eventually want to clear out a closet or otherwise designate a few corners of your home as temporary storage spaces for each category. Although this can briefly make your home feel more cluttered, this feeling should dissipate once you have your yard sale or take the various items that you want to give away to the donation drop-off point.

Get a dumpster: Although it might not seem like it at first glance, you likely have more items that need to be thrown out than you realize. Perhaps you've kept a few broken chairs in your basement because they wouldn't fit in your regular garbage can. Maybe your garage is full of junk that you can't remember why you wanted to keep. Right now is the perfect time to get a dumpster rental from a company like Ware Disposal to get rid of all of this stuff. While you could, theoretically, load up a car or truck and drive to your local dump with the junk, a small dumpster rental is going to be much more convenient and can save you money in the long run.

Reassess: Once you've gone through the house and sorted the junk from the not-junk, take another look at your "keep" pile. Are these really things that you need or want to keep around? Perhaps some of the items are better thrown away in your dumpster rental or donated to your favorite charity. For instance, you may discover that you actually have acquired way more flashlights than you had previously thought. Some may be broken and need to be tossed, some may work fine but not be very useful for your needs, but the rest may be kept and used as required.