Got Sewer Sludge In Your Yard? 2 Ways A Garbage Removal Company Can Remove It

22 January 2018
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If you have sewer sludge in your yard, there has been some type of sewer backup. If the backup is not repaired the sludge will eventually come out of the pipe and onto your lawn. This can quickly add up and you will start noticing a bad smell. This sludge will also hurt your lawn if not taken care of. If you have this sludge, you should contact a garbage removal company that takes care of problems like this. They can do so in many ways, two of which are listed below.


The garbage removal company may choose to incinerate the sludge. This will release the sludge back into the air and it will be completely gone.

The garbage removal company will collect the sludge from your property and take it to another location to incinerate it. They can move it in different ways. In many cases companies use a special trailer to move the sludge which is called a dump trailer. First, the dump is placed on a trailer. The driver can then use controls to dump the sludge when they are ready. When finished, controls are used to put the dump back down again. Dump trailers makes it much easier and quicker to move the sludge.


Many garbage companies choose gasification because it is Eco-friendlier when compared to other types of removal. If the garbage removal company you hire chooses this, they will remove the sludge from your property using the dump trailer and take it to their location. Once there, they transform the sludge into a solid using different types of treatments, such as drying, dewatering, or thickening. A sewage facility will do this process as they likely already have a large amount of sewer sludge they have to take care of. If heavy metals are removed from sludge that has been disposed of in this way it can be added to compost to use for fertilization on land. You do need to make sure the metals have been removed because if not the sludge may kill your grass, crops, etc.

Gasification is generally more expensive when compared to other types of removal processes. It is popular, because it is better for the environment.

Talk with the garbage removal company you hire, such as Duffield Hauling INC, and they can go over this information with you in much more detail. They can also go over other ways they can remove the sludge.