Electronic Waste Removal Efficiency For Businesses

16 January 2018
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Does your company need to remove multiple computers, printers, copiers, displays, or sound systems? It can be a difficult task, especially if you need to bring in new systems--and even more difficult if you live in an area with hefty electronic waste (E-waste) disposal fines. To make your business E-waste removal more efficient and to avoid fines for just throwing everything in with the general trash, here are a few commercial trash removal concepts to bring into your business plan.

Moving Everything Out Efficiently

Whether you're replacing old systems with new systems or moving everything out permanently, traffic flow is vital. Your employees--or removal contractors--need an efficient space to dismantle everything and walk out without running into resistance from other people or building obstacles.

There needs to be a clear entry and exist path where movers get the right of way. Although chain of command and pecking order culture exists in some businesses, now is not the time for workers to scramble out of the way of superiors--by business rank or implied superiority--while carrying things. You're asking for several workers compensation claims with several witnesses that way.

Instead, make sure that everyone knows about the moving plan and that moving has precedence. Give movers use of the elevators and--with the exception of disabled or ill people--direct everyone else towards the stairs.

For all pathways and when stairs are the only option, designate a specific side for moving traffic. Set a rule, such as everyone walking on the right side to make shuffling out of the way more difficult. Other employees need to follow the rules as well or be expected to shuffle out of the way while movers stay steady on their course.

Do You Need A Scrap Recycling Plan?

Moving whole devices is good enough for most businesses. The key is to get everything out of the building and into a recycling container, but there are ways to get more out of recycling. You could make a bit more money by dividing your old devices into scrap materials.

This plan only works if you won't be spending more money on wages, overtime, or additional contract costs. You will need professionals who can break down electronics and other machines into material piles such as aluminum, copper, gold, magnets, and other materials.

The idea is to have multiple recycling containers that can be delivered when a certain material is at a high or low value. If your existing team knows how to dismantle your equipment efficiently without adding on more costs than the recycling center will give you, go for it. If not, take the generic device rate, such as getting single rates for all computers, all copiers, all storage tanks, and so on regardless of specific contents.

Contact a commercial trash removal professional company like Grouchs, LLC to get help planning your disposal needs of all sorts of office trash.